Launch your collectible project

Launch your NFT-enabled project without a single line of code


Drive sales and engagement

Control access to exclusive, scarce products and boost sales. The token makes aconsumable a tradable asset, allowing both the brand and the buyer to benefit fromsecondary sale royalties.


Digital Proof of Passion

Digital proof of passion and a sense of special belonging, being part of an exclusive community while having access to exclusive products and content that other customers don’t possess. The NFT alongside the exclusive content/product allows customers to showcase their brand attachment in a digital era


Email and credit cards

Users simply sign in via email or social providers and do not need to have a wallet beforehand - no complex interaction with MetaMask necessary. Payments are handled through credit cards so that you or your customers do not need to worry about cryptocurrencies at all.


No-code plugins or API

Use our no-code hosted white-label storefront, plugins for shop systems such as Shopify and WooCommerce or flexible API integrations into your existing CRM, POS, e-commerce or other systems.

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